Merging of partnerships

We want you to stay up to date! Here you may consult everything you need to know about mergers before requesting it from the Third Notary of Montería.

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What is a merging of partnerships?

A merger takes places when one or more partnerships dissolve without being liquidated in order to be absorbed by another partnership or for creating a new one. The opposite term is known as a division.


  • National ID cards of all legal representatives involved.
  • All existing certificates of the chamber of commerce and legal representation.
  • Transcript of the meeting where the merger was established.
  • Balances and mergers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does a merger take place?

As soon as several small companies unite in order to compete against a big company of the same sector, a merger is born.

What types of partnership mergers exist?

One type is known as an absorption, which is when a company takes over another company’s assets, liabilities, rights and obligations in order to incorporate them as their own. The other type is known as a transfusion, which is when 2 companies merge in order to become a new one.

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