We want you to stay up to date! Here you may consult everything you need to know about estate inheritance before requesting it from the Third Notary of Montería.

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What is an estate inheritance due to death?

During this process, the assets and estate, rights and obligations of each inheritor are distributed.


  • Authenticated copy of the death certificate.
  • Authenticated copies of the birth certificates and national ID cards of each person.
  • Authenticated copy of the marriage certificate.
  • Deeds or titles of acquisition of the assets left over by the deceased person.
  • Fiscal evidence and/or certificated of good standing of the assets, if there any.
  • Proof of invoked credit if of the inheritors was a creditor to the deceased person.
  • A power of attorney.
  • A filled out request of the inventory and valuation of the deceased person’s assets.
  • Partition and distribution of inheritance document.
  • A photocopy of the lawyer’s national ID card and professional card.
  • A certificate of tradition and freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the presence of a lawyer required for an inheritance procedure?

if the inheritance is of a minimum quantity, the presence of a lawyer will not be necessary.

If amongst the inheritors theres is a minor or handicapped person, what happens?

The proceedings are the same, but they must be legally represented.

Who is eligible for an inheritance?

Hereditary orders exist in Colombia and they are in charge of establishing who will be the people inheriting assets, depending on their type of relation and blood connection:

  • First Order: Children
  • Second Order: If there are no children, then it would be the ascendants (parents) and the spouse or permanent partner.
  • Third Order: If there are no ascendants, then it would be the deceased person’s siblings and the spouse or permanent partner.
  • Fourth Order: If there are no siblings, spouse or permanent partners, then it would be the nephews and nieces.
  • Fifth Order: If any of the previous people are not in existence, then it goes to the I.C.B.F.
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