Declaration of Construction

We want you to stay up to date! Here you may consult everything you need to know about a declaration of construction before requesting it from the Third Notary of Montería.

> What is it?
> Requirements
> Frequently Asked Questions

What is a declaration of construction?

Via this procedure, the state is notified about new constructions or modifications being done to properties, this declaration is constituted in a public deed.


  • National ID Card
  • Construction license
  • Description of the changes to take place
  • Certificate of tradition and freedom
  • Blueprints

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it necessary to present this declaration?

In the first 60 work days after modifications take place.

What is this declaration made for?

When a house is purchased and the property deed is obtained, the physical qualities are expressed in the document with the end goal of modifying its appraisal; for fiscal costs, the changes or improvements must be registered separately.

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