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We want you to stay up to date! Here you may consult everything you need to know about processing a birth certificate before requesting it from the Third Notary of Montería.

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What is a birth certificate?

This document acknowledges someone, under the government and gives them rights, duties and consigning their legal situation in family and society.


  • Certificate of being born alive.
  • Identification documents of the parents registering the birth.
  • In case of not counting on the certificate of being born alive, it is necessary to have the baptism document or a declaration legally acknowledged by two witnesses.
  • The minor’s blood type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the registration of the birth certificate have any cost?

The registration has no cost.

How does one obtain a Colombian nationality?


The following are Colombian nationals:

1.a. By birth:

  1. a) Colombian natives, upon one of two conditions: that the father or the
    mother have been Colombian natives or nationals or that, being
    children of aliens, either parent was domiciled in the Republic at the
    time of birth; and,;
  2. b) The children of a Colombian father or mother born abroad who have
    later established their domicile in the Colombian territory or
    registered in a consular office of the Republic.


1.b. By adoption::

  1. a) Aliens who solicit and obtain a naturalization card, in accordance with
    the law, which will establish the cases in which Colombian nationality
    is lost through adoption;
  2. b) People born in Latin America or the Caribbean who are domiciled in
    Colombia and who, with the government’s authorization and in
    accordance with the law and the principle of reciprocity, request that
    they be registered as Colombians in the municipality where they
    reside; and,
  3. c) Members of the indigenous peoples straddling border areas, in
    application of the principle of reciprocity according to public
    international treaties.

No Colombian by birth may be stripped of his/her nationality. Colombian nationality is not lost by virtue of acquiring another nationality. Nationals by adoption will not be obligated to renounce their nationality of origin or adoption.

Whoever has renounced his/her Colombian nationality may recover it in accordance with the law.

* Article modified by the legislative act of 1/2002.

Where does the registration of the birth certificate take place?

In notaries and at the registration bureau. It should be noted that those authorities may visit the hospital, clinic or home.

Do surnames have a special order in the registration?

Yes, the person must be registered with the first surname of the father, follower by the first surname of the mother. In the case of a child born in extramarital conditions, they must use both of the mother’s surnames.

Can a foreign national obtain a Colombian birth certificate?

No. Even if a foreign national becomes a Colombian citizen, it is not possible to register them as having been born in Colombian territory, nor may they obtain a birth certificate.

What is a birth certificate?

It is the first identification document someone has. Via this document, the government recognizes their rights and duties as a citizen.

Who can register a baby that was just born?

The mother or father of the minor, they must approach a notary with the baby, bringing with them the certificate of being born alive that was expedited by a doctor or medical center, including the baby’s blood type.

In the case of not having the certificate of being born alive, it will be necessary to have a declaration under oath from two witnesses who were present at the birth or who received news about it.

This norm is covered by Decree 1260 of 1979, in article 45.

Can I find out which notary I'm registered in?

Yes, in any office the registration bureau you may consult if it’s recorded in the system. There they will point out where you were registered, otherwise, the notary of your municipality must request information about the archives of where your birth certificate may be, and then request that the document be registered at the database of the national registration bureau.

Where may I obtain a copy of my birth certificate?

It must be requested in the notary where you were registered.

If the birth was not attended by a doctor and it's been longer than a month, what must I do?

The following documents must be presented in order to obtain the baby’s birth certificate:

  • One of the documents described in “requirements”
  • Baptismal document, if it exists.
  • A declaration under oath by two witnesses who were present at the birth or who got news about it.

What must an adult who's never been registered do?

If it is the first time that a birth certificate is going to be obtained, they must present the following documents:

  • Photocopy of the national ID card.
  • A copy of their baptismal document authenticated by the diocese, or a declaration under oath with two witnesses who were present at the birth or received the news about it.

What must I know about paternity?

  • If the parents are not married, but the father wants to acknowledge the baby as his son, they must register this in the “birth registration”, as is indicated by the notary.
  • In the case of a baby in an extramarital situation who is not acknowledged, they inscription will be done by the mother. They may indicate the father’s surname in the document if they desire.
  • If the mother does not include the father’s surname, but later the baby is acknowledged by the father, they may process this via a public deed.

Who can request a birth certificate?

  • The father or mother.
  • The closes relatives.
  • The director of the hospital where the birth occurred.
  • The director of the establishment who has the minor, if that’s the case.
  • The same person, if they’re over 18 and have no birth certificate.

Which information must be given in order to obtain a birth certificate for my child.

  • The defined name to be registered.
  • A medical certificate of a certificate of being born alive for those born after January 19, 1998.
  • Names, IDs and preferably a copy of the parents identifications cards.
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