Acknowledgement of paternity

We want you to stay up to date! Here you may consult everything you need to know about processing an acknowledgement of paternity before requesting it from the Third Notary of Montería.

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What is an acknowledgement of paternity

Via this process, an individual acknowledges themselves as the parents of someone, attributing them their rights and obligations derived by the law.


  • National ID card./li>

An acknowledgement of paternitymay be given by:

  • A signature of the person who recognizes the birth certificate or by a declaration before a judge.
  • A will.
  • A judicial order.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the parent does not want to acknowledge their paternity, what must take place?

You must approach the Family Jurisdiction offices, so that under a lawsuit, an investigation can take place and a judge can declare whether the kinship exists.

Can an acknowledgement of paternity be revoked?

No, an acknowledgement of paternity is irrevocable.

What must I do to acknowledge the paternity of my child?

Approach a notary with a national ID card and the parties involved.

The mother and father who want to voluntarily acknowledge a child born outside of marriage or under common law, may process this the following way:

  1. Signing the birth certificate.
  2. Processing before a notary, a signature in a public deed.
  3. Expressing it in a will.
  4. Expressing it before a family defender or commissioner, or from a citation requested by the mother of the child.

In this final case, the mother (father) of the child may request before a judge, or family defender or commissioner, who can set up an appointment with the mother or father, to seek to acknowledge voluntarily that the child was born or about to be born.

If the voluntary acknowledgement is produced, the official in charge must leave evidence in a deed that orders the inscribing or correcting of surnames for the child in their birth certificate.

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