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At the Third Notary of Montería we are committed to you, with the transparency of all processes and with your notarial needs; for this reason we count on a complete list of services that will allow you to trust us with the most important aspects of your life.

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Each step you take brings you closer to being happy, documenting your achievements and decisions will allow you to enjoy your days with tranquility and trust. Protect yourself efficiently and legally!


To provide notary services to our users; we are dedicated to satisfying your needs with efficacy, efficiency and quality based on the permanent search of ethical conduct, which is regulated by social values and legal controls.


To be the best in offering great services in legal notary acts, demonstrating our excellence every day, working hand in hand with our professional human resources in the matter and as promotors of responsibility in the keeping of good public faith.


Guaranteeing safety, legality, tranquility, efficiency, offering quality service in the counseling or consulting of society; conditioned towards the law and constantly updating our knowledge to attend to social and innovative demands.

About the Third Notary of Montería

The Third Notary of Montería is a place that is ready to offer support, counseling and replies to all of your enquiries with respect to the legality of your decisions in life; we are characterized by offering transparency and support in all of your processes, with the end goal being to generate trust, always prioritizing our level of responsibility in the management of public faith.

Our commitment is with our community and with you.

Miguel Puche Yáñez

Lawyer from the Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana de Medellín, doctor Puche Yáñez is from Montería and understands the notarial needs of the people of our municipality. He is a specialist in Administrative Law and has a graduate course in Notarial Law from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, doctor Miguel is a trustworthy person who is very dedicated to the work of the municipality; for that reason, he had the opportunity of being the Secretary General for public corporations in Montería, secretary of the municipal government, secretary of the departmental government, as well as being the Mayor of Montería.

Today with more than 20 years of experience as a notary public, he is one of the the most outstanding professionals in Montería. His transparency and commitment have allowed him to offer testimony and be witness to the most important moments of the people of Montería.

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